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Full Name: Christina Marie Woog
Nickname: Chrissy
Age: 20
Hair / Eyes: Auburn / Hazel
Birthday: May 23rd
Sign: gemini
Location: Southern California
School: UCLA
Major: Design | Media Arts

Song: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles
Book: ...
Game: New Horizons
Movie: Roman Holiday
TV: Cheers
Actors: ...
Celeb: ...
Needs: summer
Wants: summer

Personality: The Millionaire
I am: The Girl Next Door
I like:The Artiste
FRIEND:Monica Gellar
I should be an:Aries

AIM: Asuka94
ICQ: 18788197
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Elaine and Michiru

Friday, August 16, 2002

Bleh, its been a while since I've really wrote in here. Not a lot has been going on, I just havent thought to write it down...I've been sending emails and returning phone calls here and there about apartments, though Im really hoping for this one I saw on wednesday..its not the newest place or the cleanest place, but the girls seem great and I think we could do a good job of making it a really rad student apartment :P and yes I did just say "rad" :P

I also took up some extra time at work this week, just to try to save up some money for myself, and just cause I dont have anything else to do...I might as well work and make as much money as I can :P Money is good..and I'd like to be mobile this year, and be able to do everything I want to and take trips, so being prepared is key, i guess.

Im feeling pretty shitty right now, and totally clueless, but Im trying to be a little trooper and just roll with the punches. i hate not knowing what to do, cause Im afraid of making mistakes. But i guess it'll be better to just shut up about it, since I dont think anyone reads this anyways..I'll just try to keep my chin up a bit longer.
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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Things I need to do before school starts:

1. clean my room thoroughly and keep it clean :P
2. Read up on Flash and ActionScript
3. Find an apartment
4. Take pictures / work on theme for layout
5. update
6. Sell stuff on ebay
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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Im veryyy excited and dad just came in here and just for an experiment, he changed my bios settings to "fail safe", and when i ran my machine again, everything works more blue screens...flawlessly executed video (that means homestar runner and friends avis ;_:) and more importantly....i dont have to buy a new system till i want to :) YAY

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Monday, August 05, 2002

Yayyyy first update to my site in a while :P I found this thing, and I want everyone to sign it!! SO DO IT :D Pleaaaase? thanks :D its a guestmap, and you get to like map out where you are....and....yeah ok so its kinda self-explanatory :P anyways thanks in advance for signing :) since i havent had a guestbook in a lonnnnng time....^^:

Sign the GuestMap!!! Thanks ;P the link is also over at the right :)
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Wellll I am in portland right now, on a work shift, however, about an hour ago Neopets went down so I've just been sitting around family is at my Grandmothers having dinner I I am bored :P Anyways, I'll be heading home on Wednesday I guess, home on Friday or Saturday..the last bit of this trip has been highly stressful due to factors with my mother that I havent quite figured out yet...but I guess it must have something to do with being around her family. Anyways...It'll be nice to be home and get back to normal. :P Working on a 24k connection has not been easy or helpful for the Neocrew :P And at least I'll be able to keep in touch with everyone just like before.. I have work tomorrow and then Im off till I have to be home by then. Blah :P It'll be nice.
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Sunday, July 21, 2002

hey all :P just wanted to blog a little before i head off to get a few hours sleep..i haven't said much about this, but my parents and my brothers and I are going on a two week road trip and vacation up the pacific coast, seeing all the sights, and then staying in portland to visit my mother's grandmother :P so I will be gone for quite a while...HOWEVER, because neopets would not let me have the time off, I have to work, so I will be online on AIM from hotels and whatnot...when i have to work and maybe more, but I dunno right now. So, those of you who know how to reach me, feel free to at any time :P bleh..i am sure i will have fun though :D i love road trips...but unfortunately this is to the northwest, and I dont it as much as the desert and desert road trips :P oh well. :) Ok, time for bed!! I will be posting updates and little things :)
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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

where are you going?
where do you go?

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